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Holy Worker: Ed Morse

Holy Worker: Ed Morse

holy workers the wilderness the work Mar 06, 2023

I want to talk to you about a guy named Ed Morse.
He is doing Holy Work.

But first, some context.

My daughter, Addy, turned 16 years old in July. We have been looking for a car for the last few months. We agreed to match whatever she wanted to spend on the car (within reason of course).

The other day I was driving to the grocery store, and I noticed a car in the parking lot that was for sale. A nice little Acura. I took a quick picture of it to see if Addy would even like it. I got home, showed Addy the picture and she said, "Yeah, I mean, I think so, I will be happy with pretty much anything." This was a shock to me! When I had shown her cars in the past she would make this teenager face that said, "Dad, I wouldn't be caught dead in that!"

So, with that momentum, I texted the number and we were off to test drive it.

As we pulled up, the man and his wife were talking to someone else who was looking at the car. Competition! Eventually they left, and Ed came over to me. He was in his late 60's maybe early 70's. His wife was waiting for him in the car with their little dog. He said, "Hey, I'm Ed, this is a really great car. I am retired and like to sell cars on the side for extra income. I actually do this as sort of a ministry. I don't buy any cars that aren't good. I check them all out first."

I thought that was pretty cool.

We took the car for a test drive and it was pretty great, but we still weren't sure. We got back and talked to him for a bit. Turns out he goes to the same church as we do. He is a greeter each Sunday. He started talking about how excited he was about what God was doing in the youth. Gen Z specifically. He was looking at Addy and her generation as a group to be really excited about.

We ended up buying the car and before we left Ed said, "Hey, with every car I sell, I like to pray over the person who bought it and the car. Would you be OK with that?"
"Of course!" we said.

Ed then proceeded to pray over Addy and all the important parts of the car.
He prayed that if there was anything wrong with the car, that it would supernaturally be fixed.
He prayed for the tires and the engine.
He prayed for all the metal parts.
It was just a beautiful moment.

And Ed does this with every car he sells, no matter who he sells it to.

Ed is doing Holy Work.
He felt the Pull to start selling these cars and he now shows people God's love with every sale he makes.
May we all take that heart to our work today.

(This is me, Ed and Addy 👇👇👇)