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I shouldn’t write on Monday mornings.

I shouldn't write on Monday mornings..

Jun 19, 2023

I shouldn’t write on Monday mornings.

I am crabby.

I don’t want to be, but I am.

I don’t live for the weekends, I love the work and the calling I have, but Monday mornings are the start of the battle.

I have to CHOOSE to engage on Monday mornings.
Maybe you don’t have this problem.
There is resistance on Monday mornings.
I don’t even feel like I should say this to all of you because I am supposed to have all my crap together, but I also don’t want to lie and say everything is always sunshine roses and inspirational motivation.

But, I don’t really feel anything this morning.
I feel resistance.

So, you can see why I shouldn’t write on Monday mornings 😊.

I don’t want to pull you all into this.
But…As I write, as I do the work, as I start connecting the dots, as I show up, as I seek God and as I work and write in expectation of what God will do today.
A spark.
A fire takes hold.
There is a fantastic quote attributed to William Faulkner that says, “I only write when inspiration strikes. Fortunately, it strikes at nine every morning.”

Again I am reminded, it isn’t about what we feel.
We will not always feel it.
It is about doing the work.
It is about changing the story.
It is about not being stuck because of how crabby I am, or because of some other type of resistance.
We must fight through.
I must fight through.
You must fight through.

Steven Pressfield wrote a second book in the same vein as War of Art.
It is called Turning Pro.
In it he says that...“To follow a calling requires work. It’s hard. It hurts. It demands entering the pain-zone of effort, risk and exposure.”

Not…lazy, safe, hidden.

You are all PRO’s here.
Not amateurs.

Amateurs do what feels good.
PRO’s get to the work of Effort, Risk and Exposure.

And they do it right out of the gate, on Monday mornings, even if they are crabby and don’t feel like it.

Maybe I should write on Monday mornings.

Thanks for bringing your best to your Holy Work this morning.