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The Proof, Part 2

The Proof, Part 2

bezalel the proof Mar 15, 2023

There are 2 parts of what I call "The Proof". Remember, this is the Proof that God put The Pull inside of you.
Part 1 is where we look at our own story, part 2 is where we look at God's story.

Obviously, I can't write all of God's story in a few paragraphs of an email newsletter or even a book. That said, we can look at some of the overarching things God has said and done in the ancient books that have been written about him.

The first thing we will talk about is who God is.
For that, we will look at the 5th word of the ancient book of Genesis.
In the beginning, God created.
The 5th word of this book is created.

A few sentences later it says, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness..."
The only thing we know about God's image at that point is that he is a creator.
And if we are made in his image, we are creators too.

We have no idea how time worked when God was doing his initial creation, but an estimated 2500 years after Adam, there was a man named Moses. This story of Moses is captured in another ancient book called Exodus. In this book, God was using Moses to free his people and usher in his presence on Earth in a new way.
God gives Moses a set of instructions to build a place that will hold God's presence on Earth.
God tells Moses of a man named Bezalel and says, "I have filled him with the Spirit of God, with wisdom, with understanding, with knowledge and with all kinds of skills..."

God filled this ordinary man with his spirit so that he could create a space on Earth that would hold God's presence.
God used a human to create something that would show the world God's presence more clearly.

God has the power to create the universe out of nothing, but he chose to use an ordinary man to create the space here on Earth that would hold his presence.


All of that is amazing in and of itself, but there is something that makes this more incredible.
In this ancient book of Exodus, which is thousands of years into the story of God and the world, it says, "I have filled him [Bezalel] with the Spirit of God..." I know I told you that already, but the reason I say it again is that this ordinary human named Bezalel is the first person that the Bible refers to as being filled with the spirit.

This is incredibly significant.

The first time the Bible records anyone being filled with the spirit is when God wants to make something with a human.
And he isn't just making something random, he is making something that will guide his people through the wilderness and into the promised land.

You are made in God's image just as Adam was.
One part of God's image is that of a creator, which means YOU are a creator.
And God wants to create something with YOU that will show the world who he is.

I quick note on the word Create. It has a lot of baggage for people who don't think they are "creative".
This isn't only about drawing, painting, dance, acting and the arts as we know them today.
This is about being filled with the spirit to create...anything.
It could be to create a family.
A relationship.
An orphanage.
A business.
A home.
A book.
A connection with a neighbor.
A building.
A movie.
A hospital.
A movement.
A child.
A plane. ...literally, anything else that you can think of!

God is filling YOU with the spirit to create something on this Earth that shows who he is.
If you open yourself up to this and start to believe it, you won't believe what he creates through you.

There is so much more to talk about here, this is just the beginning.
But that is the jist of "the Proof" that God put that Pull inside of you.

I hope you have an incredible day.