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The Path and Practices of Following
God's Pull To Your Purpose. 


This guide will give you the tools and guidance to get you started with Holy Work Journaling. 


  • Step-by-step PDF guide 
  • Audio and Video Guide
  • Bonus: 7 Days of the Best Holy Work Journaling Prompts!

Spring Journaling Course

May 7 - June 18, 2024

I'm Luke.

My name is Luke LeFevre and I know what it feels like to be stuck, restless, and angry. I also know what it feels like to have a stirring and know there is something more, and where I am now “ain’t” it, but I have no idea what to do next.

But, after over 20 years of stumbling, fighting, studying, researching, working through battles, and seeing this same pattern in hundreds of creative people in my C-suite, executive, and coaching roles, I have found there is a path and there are practices that can lead you from being stuck, restless and stirred to unlocked and thriving!

God put something inside of YOU before YOU were born, something you can’t help but be, and He is pulling YOU to it. There is a way to see where you are on this path and what it will take to continue to follow.

These feelings of being stuck, restless, and stirred aren’t bad feelings.

These feelings are coming from God.
He is pulling you!
You are not stuck.
You are not lost!
You are on a path.

This PULL will lead you to your PURPOSE. 

God wants to pull you through this path and create something with you through, through you, and most you. 

It takes a lot of work, but it isn’t just any kind of work, it is work that transforms us. This work will transform YOU in ways you can't imagine and YOU will create things you can't imagine!

That process is more than just is Holy Work.


The Holy Work Path


The Pull

Get off the starting blocks by identifying and admitting what you actually want.

The Practices

Build the habits and practices into your life to help you recognize God’s voice so you stay on path.

The War

Learn the tactics to fight the constant fear, voices and resistance that comes when you are following God’s pull on your life.

The Wilderness

Build strong foundations by cleaning up past messes, learning new skills, acting on things you have been avoiding and learning the art of patience.

The Threshold

Define the things that you must let go of, the people holding you back and the decisions you must make to fully be unlocked.

The Purpose

Enjoy the freedom and peace of fully letting go to where God is pulling you.

Holy Work Journaling Course

Discover the tools and guidance you need to follow this pull through the life-changing habit of journaling. 

During this 6-week journey, I will guide you step-by-step through powerful exercises that will not only cultivate the habit of journaling but also walk you through the stages of the Holy Work path. 

What Others Are Saying about the course.

"I have always loved journaling, but this took it to the next level. I have tools now to help me clear my mind and heart and slow down my thoughts when everything is just going way to fast. Learning to also allow God to speak to me is key, I need to stop talking and just listen."

- Lindsey 


Larry Anderson
Media Pastor, Bellevue Baptist Church
Memphis, TN

"I have been a Christian for a long time, but honestly, I have never slowed down enough to ask God what He wanted to say to me. That was profound.

- Arlindh

Taylor Dempsey
Co-Founder & CEO of Rividia
Los Angeles | Nashville

"The accountability is my ideal environment and gave me a "why", that supported me doing the journaling. Slowing down my mind was 10000000 % the most significant and valuable part for me. I process so quickly and getting my brain to go at the speed of my hand was life-changing. I felt anxiety that I didn't even know was there melt away."

- Taylor

Lee Erickson,
Leader of Production, SVL Productions
Rockford, IL

"Luke helps me get out of the weeds and align my approach to work and life with my highest values. I get clear on what I want, what I am called to do, and my next step to get there. Luke has the experience & credibility to speak into the hardest situations, and the wisdom to know where to push.  Every creative leader needs a Luke in their corner."

- Larry


Larry Anderson
Media Pastor, Bellevue Baptist Church
Memphis, TN

"There are very few people I have met my life that I would consider to be truly a transformative  relationship for me. Luke is without question, up in the top of that list.

He’s helped me see my purpose in using my talent’s for God’s use with greater clarity than any other, tool, book, or course has. I think if anyone is in the spot of being restless or directionless in their creative pursuit as I was, and wants a solid framework to be guided on to find that direction, Luke is the first guy I’d send them to."

- Taylor

Taylor Dempsey
Co-Founder & CEO of Rividia
Los Angeles | Nashville

"Through the Holy Work journaling exercises I can tangibly see how my thoughts have evolved from selfishness into more selflessness. It helped me recognize pride in me that was keeping me from asking for help and from allowing myself to be coached.

The farther up the ladder a person reaches the harder to admit we need help, I would strongly encourage anyone who wants to breakthrough to meaningful and purposeful living to seek out Luke."

- Armando

Lee Erickson,
Leader of Production, SVL Productions
Rockford, IL
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