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May 7 - June 18, 2024
"Don't buy another journal without going through this training."
Holy Work Journaling

Do you feel like you can’t slow your mind down?

Do you have so many thoughts knocking around up there you don't even know where to begin?

Family drama, work drama, bills, and on and on and on...Then, you are supposed to somehow figure out some kind of purpose for your life!?!?

Yeah, me too. 

Did you know you have somewhere around 70,000 thoughts each day and those thoughts influence every emotion you have and every choice you make?

While you can't control the automatic thoughts that first pop into your brain, you can control how you respond to them. There is a way to calm all of this down, train your brain to slow down, and actually start to connect with God and sense where He is pulling you.

The way to learn this is through the practice of journaling. 

"I have always loved journaling, but this took it to the next level. This course helped me clear my mind and heart, slow down my thoughts and allowed God to speak to me."

Holy Work Journaling

The Problem...

Is that you often don’t slow down enough to know what you are even thinking!

Then all of these uncontrolled thoughts you have are causing behaviors and outcomes in your life that you don’t even want!

So, you just sleepwalking through life, controlled and influenced by the insane amount of information we take in our current digital culture.


So what do you do?
The amazing part is that you can CHANGE YOUR BRAIN!


You can train it like a little puppy to behave the way you want it. Of course, it is not easy and it isn’t like a magic trick. Just like anything it takes practice and discipline

And the key to doing this is through the habit of journaling.
Yes, I am a guy who journals!

I know...seems lame, but this is not like a junior high girls diary.
This is a life-changing tool that God uses to transform your mind.

I know there is so much out there about this topic, but what is NOT out there is any type of training on how.

People talk about it all the time, but no one shows you what to do.
This course is here to help!

People...who have written about both the facts and the emotions of their lives…had a 50% drop in doctor visits…writing about their deepest thoughts and feelings…had improved their mood, resulted in a more optimistic attitude and better physical health.”

Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk
Discover the tools and guidance you need to cultivate this transformative habit in your life:

During this 7-week journey, I will guide you step-by-step through powerful exercises that will not only cultivate the habit of journaling but also deepen your connection with God.

These exercises will also help slow down your mind and provide clarity for what you are being pulled towards, fight the war that is holding you back, & learn to work through the wilderness. Together, we will build a foundation for a more intentional and impactful life.

The 7 sessions:

  • Session 01: Epidermis Layer - You will learn to work through the surface layer stuff that clogs you up. 
  • Session 02: Muscle & Heart Layer- In this session, you will work a little deeper into the "cares of this world" and you will learn to listen more intently to what your heart and God is saying. 
  • Session 03: Bone Layer - You will learn how to journal through traumatic experiences in order to "reset" some bones. 
  • Session 04: The Pull - This is where you will spend time seeking where God is pulling you in your life and test to see if you believe it is Him pulling. 
  • Session 05: The War & Wilderness - In this session, we will work through the war of what is holding you back and learn how to fight it. 
  • Session 06: The Wilderness - We will learn what WORK you must do in the wilderness.
  • Session 07: The Thresholds - What decisions do you need to make to move forward in your life. 



A 7-week journaling course that will:
  • Build the habit of journaling so it sticks.
  • Create more connection with God and where He is pulling you. 
  • Slow down your mind. 
  • Teach you what holds you back and how to fight it.
  • Teach you how to work through the wilderness.
  • Help you see a clearer vision for your future.
  • Daily Journal Prompts
  • Weekly Guided Journaling Sessions that Build accountability
  • Holy Work Course Community 
  • Daily journal prompts based on the training each week.
  • Recordings of Audio & Video each week in case you can't make the live session!
  • May 7 through June 18, 2024
    (Sign-ups will close May 6 at 10pm)
  • We will meet once a week, on Tuesday Mornings, from 6:30-7:30 am Central time on Zoom.

The 7-week course is just $249!