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Don't Kill It Before It Even Starts

Don't Kill It Before It Even Starts

create the pull Jan 19, 2024

I remember when I put out my first public blog post.
It was in January of 2016.
I had a goal of writing 200 blog posts that year.
I only know this because I have a journal entry from that day, here is what it said:

I shared the first one today out loud.
It makes me nervous to put myself out there like that.
That is what I am feeling right now…exposed.
I feel exposed.
Will people like it?
The fact that I am afraid means that it is a good thing.
Deep breath.
Let it go…out into the world.
Yeah, but what if this is selfish?
A selfish goal?
I didn’t really pray about it, I just started doing it.

I was worried about it being selfish!
At the time, I didn't believe that God put something inside of me He was trying to get me to be brave enough to put out.
I thought it was just me having a selfish desire to become famous or gain people's approval.

We often do that as Christians, at least I did for a long time, we kill our ideas or desires because we don't want to do anything out of selfish ambition (Philippians 2:3-4).

Yes, we have to be careful not to let our desires become distorted.
This is where a lot of debt, lust, and additions come from.
But...there are also healthy desires, plans, drives, and ambitions that God put inside of you before you were born, and He wants to create something with you in those desires.

People who are asking if the desire they have is out of selfish ambition are not the ones with the problem.

If you have something inside of you that you are feeling pulled to create.
Don't kill it before it even starts.