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How To Get Unstuck in 10 Minutes

How To Get Unstuck in 10 Minutes

focus journaling Jan 24, 2024

I hosted something at my local CrossFit gym this weekend that I called "MindWOD"!
It was incredible!
WOD stands for "workout of the day" and on Saturday we took some time to work out our minds in addition to our bodies.

Being healthy is not just about building strength, it is about heart, soul, and mind as well.
One of the exercises that always helps people in my journaling courses is the 10-minute nonstop journaling exercise.

And we did this on Saturday.
I'll explain it below, but if you are feeling stuck creatively,
If you are feeling disconnected with God,
If you are struggling with feeling overwhelmed by all that’s going on in your life...
This is the exercise to help break through that.

Here is what to do:
Get a pen and a piece of paper.
Set a timer and write non-stop for 10 solid minutes with no distractions.
Do not lift your pen throughout the whole time.
Do not worry about spelling or grammar.
Do not judge anything you’re writing.
Do not stop, go back, and read it while you are writing.

Stay focused, do not multitask on anything else for 10 solid minutes.

It will feel stupid for the first 4-6 minutes, but then something will happen.
You will have worked through all the surface level stuff that is holding you back and then you will stop overthinking and you will write about what is really going on.

It is freeing!

So, why don't you try it today?

Take 10 minutes and write out exactly what you are thinking and feeling about whatever is going on today.

Give that mind a good workout!