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I Have Misused This Word Many Times in The Past…

What is the difference between your “calling” and what I call “the pull”?
I have misused the word calling many times in the past, but here is what I know to be true now.

Calling is about seeking God.
In order to be called, it implies there is someone calling.

Our primary call is to God.
He is calling us to Himself.
Oswald Chambers writes, “The one aim of the call of God is the satisfaction of God, not a call to do something for Him.”

In that sense, as Christians, we are ALL called and that calling permeates everything we do.
This is where, “doing your work as unto the Lord,” comes in.
It is also where all of us are servants in the parable of the talents. In everything we do and are given, we must steward it well, multiply it, and not bury it in the dirt.
We ALL have that call.

Secondarily, some people have a "special" calling.
Os Guinness, one of the foremost thinkers on calling says, "A special calling refers to those tasks and missions laid on individuals through a direct, specific, supernatural communication from God." I would put Abraham, Moses, Jesus of course, the Apostle Paul, Martin Luther, Martin Luther King, arguably Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and many more in this category.

But not all of us get a "special" calling through a "direct, specific, supernatural communication from God".
In fact, that is pretty rare, and it would be arrogant to think we all have a calling like Abraham, Moses or Martin Luther King.

So, what about the rest of us?
We may not all have a "special" calling, but what we ALL DO HAVE (second to our primary call) is what I call "the Pull"

"The Pull" is about two things: creation and transformation.

God is pulling you towards something He wants to create WITH you, THROUGH you, and most importantly IN you.
It could be the Pull to start a business, to start a family, to start sharing your writing, to write a book, to start homeschooling, start painting, or millions of other things unique to you. I have no idea what it is for you, and you may not know either, but if you have a restlessness in your spirit or a stirring you can't put your finger on, this is the beginning of you being pulled.

The "Pull" always stretches you beyond your comfort.
The "Pull" will cause you to face things you are afraid of.
The "Pull" will make you try things, just to test if that is where you are being pulled.
You cannot follow the "Pull" on your own, you must let go and trust in ways you never thought imaginable. you follow this "Pull" to create something with God, you will be transformed into what God is creating you to be. you have something you are feeling pulled towards?
Choose to take a step towards it today.